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GoMAD Baan Unrak

I’d like to take a moment to talk about Thailand, specifically. This is another country that really tugged at my heart. Each winter holiday, while I was living in Japan, I spent Christmas volunteering at an orphanage and primary school in a small village along the Burmese border called Sangkhlaburi. I led a team of mostly English teachers from Japan but also former teachers or friends of friends from all over the world to work for a week each year. We taught classes at the school run by the orphanage, gave out presents that we brought from Japan, did odd jobs around the children’s home, and just hung out with the children. I was so attached to those smiling faces that, after my time with the JET Programme was finished, I moved to Sangkhlaburi. I did come back to the U.S. for a few months in between to visit family and friends. I volunteered at the school and orphanage for almost a year. When I say that living in Thailand is different than living in Japan and when I say that both are far different from living in the U.S., I’m dead serious. My place in Thailand was a concrete box with walls that didn’t reach the roof. I shared my flat with spiders, rats, lizards, small and giant geckos, mosquitos (that carry Dengue Fever and Malaria), termites, cockroaches, and ants. My front yard was a jungle full of all sorts of creepy crawlies. In the village were stray dogs, snakes, cats, chickens, and other obstacles to avoid while driving my motorcycle back and forth to town. Add all that to a rainy season that lasted six months and it made for quite the life experience!


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