Classroom Management Plan

It is my commitment as a teacher to provide my students with the resources necessary for and an environment conducive to acquiring the skills needed to attain their dreams.

Students want to act appropriately and behave responsibly, but there are times when they forget. For these times, I refer back to my classroom procedures, which we have thoroughly practiced at the beginning of the year.

Morning Routine

  • After the morning bell rings, students will form two lines (boys and girls) at their designated location.
  • Students are to line up facing the front of the line with their hands at their sides, there shouldn’t be any talking.
  • I will meet them at the line and walk them to the room door where they will line up once more.
  • The line showing the best example of proper etiquette will be the first to enter the room.
  • Myself and designated “morning greeters” will greet each student by saying “good morning” and giving a high-five.
  • As students enter the classroom, they will hang their backpacks on the wall hooks and quietly get their classroom tools.
    • Classroom tools will be provided to each student at the beginning of the year and consist of the following: 1.3mm mechanical pencil, personal eraser, English journal, math journal, portfolio folders, whiteboard with marker and a sock to be used as a marker holder and eraser, textbooks, and workbooks.
  • Once all students have their tools and have taken their seats, they will start their morning work: daily number, journal entry

Student Responsibilities

  • Students will be assigned their weekly jobs each Monday morning and are as follows: door opener, line leader, office messenger, paper handler, and a substitute in case of an absence.
  • Students will turn in homework folders each Friday as they enter the classroom.
  • Students will signal the teacher when they need to do the following:
    • ask a question – students will hold up an “a” in American Sign Language (ASL)
    • use the restroom – students will hold up an “r” in ASL
    • get a drink of water – students will hold up a “w” in ASL

Classroom Expectations

  • Be on time (if a student is late, they will make up the time at recess or after school)
  • Remain quiet while someone is talking (this applies to other students as well as the teacher)
  • Clean up after yourself (students are responsible for the area around their desks or any area they were working)
  • We are a family (treat each other with respect and remember a bad attitude or poor behavior affects us all)

Personal Motto: It is up to teachers to help students put the next brush stroke on their painting of life.