Educational Philosophy

Teaching Motto: It is up to teachers to help students put the next brush stroke on their painting of life.


It is my commitment as a teacher to provide my students with the resources necessary for and an environment conducive to acquiring the skills needed to attain their dreams. The success of my classroom starts with a well-defined PLAN.

P – Positive: My classroom will be a haven of fairness, equality, and respect where students feel inspired to do their best.
L – Layout: My classroom will be a safe and clean learning environment that is organized for cooperative learning so that students will be able to build on their peers’ strengths and support any weaknesses.
A – Accommodating: My classroom will be welcoming for all students regardless of language ability, physical ability, culture, ethnicity, or lifestyle.
N – Nurturing: My lessons will foster students’ natural abilities and interests to allow them to be the best versions of themselves.

The most important thing a teacher can do is build relationships with their students, and create a classroom environment where respect and contributions are valued and expected. A teacher must encourage positive behavior and help students build identities as responsible members of their class. Teachers must reinforce that feelings, good and bad, are normal and okay and that students can handle their feelings appropriately and safely. Teachers can help by setting goals that students can work toward.

Fairness means everybody gets what they need; it doesn’t mean that everybody gets the same.

This very profound lesson is key to a successful classroom. I start the year with making sure students understand what being fair means and that equality and equity are not the same. I point out that each of them is different and what one person needs may not be what another person needs. For example, if fairness means getting the same, then everyone should eat when I am hungry. On the other hand, if fairness means everybody gets what they need, then everybody should eat when they are hungry. This lesson is the basis from which I structure my classroom and accommodate the needs of my students throughout the year.