Math Study Resources

With different learning modalities and the many strategies taught through common core, it may be difficult to address every need of every student in a 50 minute class period, so there is a need for supplemental resources. In addition to the online version of textbooks, there are a few websites that offer excellent instruction. One such site is Khan Academy and it offers instruction across a broad range of subjects and grade levels. There are videos, quizzes, written explanations, and interactive materials. Another site is Prodigy, which is an action/adventure game that has standard-aligned math problems. In order to attack an enemy, students must first answer a question. Prodigy offers multiple worlds and students earn their way through different levels. They can choose the same world in which to play with or against each other. I’ve mentioned Desmos before as a great technology tool for teachers. It also contains activities covering different levels and topics that are aligned with common core. Once a teacher assigns an activity by creating a code, students can log in to the student site and make their way through the slides. Students can see what other students answered and in some activities, they can interact with each other.


  1. Erin McGinnis January 26, 2018 at 10:04 am

    I really like Prodigy. I can assign a concept on which the students need more practice. They can practice in a different way than how we did it in class. Sometimes students just need to look at the problem in a different way.

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